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1. Radecki (2018)

39' x 40' (11m x 12m)

2. tami Lyons (2018)

Tami Lyons
31' x 10' (9m x 3m)
2018 Veggie Garden

3. Oakley (2018)

89' x 59' (27m x 18m)
19 beds each bed measures 4'x50'

4. 87 v1 (2018)

43' x 26' (13m x 8m)
Allotment. Half plot approx 44ft x 27ft, no shade, north is to left side of plan. Paths outlined in grey. Low shed alongside compost bins.

5. Raised Bed Garden (2018)

My yard
11' x 11' (3m x 3m)
Four 4x4 raised beds

6. Raised bed (2018)

East Waterboro, ME 04030
7' x 15' (2m x 4m)
First time Garden.

7. Dads garden (2018)

Springfield MA
19' x 17' (6m x 5m)
Dads garden 2018

8. Liberty's Little Acre Garden (2018)

Apache, OK
29' x 29' (9m x 9m)
3rd year garden. Working to improve soil quality though amendments and home composting. Going to use weed barrier and straw mulch.

9. Montanstrasse 20 (2018)

Amberg, Germany
10' x 19' (3m x 6m)
We are adding Spinach, French Beans, Snap Peas, and Summer Squash to our garden that was a success last year.

10. brandy's (2018)

USA, New Mexico
71' x 47' (21m x 14m)

11. Raised Garden Spring (2018)

East Texas
18' x 22' (5m x 7m)
This is a raised garden in my backyard second year in raised beds different plan than last year. Good quality soil with some area towards the top being partial shade.

12. Home Plot (2018)

28' x 32' (8m x 10m)
Enclosed Area

13. garden 1 (2018)

Canada Salmon arm BC
29' x 36' (9m x 11m)
few changes

14. Garden Share Holly Hill Farm (2018)

Holly Hill Farm
39' x 80' (12m x 24m)
Garden Share/Market Garden/Hobby Farm

15. lg garden (2018)

Fort Worth
59' x 45' (18m x 14m)
back yard garden regular house about 1/3rd yard size

16. Klem Garden (2018)

Woodway, WA
29' x 9' (9m x 3m)
Vegetable Beds

17. Skykomish Vegatable (2018)

Skykomish Washington
39' x 69' (12m x 21m)
Family Vegetable Garden at elv. 950 ft on the west side of the Cascade Mountains in the Skykomish River Valley.

18. OB Garden (2018)

San Diego
15' x 13' (4m x 4m)
OB Community Garden Plot 37

19. St Albans Garden (2018)

St Albans
15' x 29' (4m x 9m)
Starting over again... 2 raised beds, numerous potted herbs and flowers, and a small vignette by the stairs. Starting some seeds next week. Spring can not come soon enough.

20. Tague Garden (2018)

49' x 29' (15m x 9m)
Backyard Hobby Garden

21. First (2018)

34' x 19' (10m x 6m)
My first garden, i hope this turns out! It will be a combined effort with our neighbors

22. Fran's Victory Garden (2018)

South East Montgomery County, PA
20' x 81' (6m x 24m)
Backyard patio kitchen garden

23. NBI (2018)

45' x 38' (13m x 11m)
Edible landscape featuring raised beds, trellises, and other space saving techniques

24. Sherman/Davis (2018)

29' x 15' (9m x 4m)

25. Garden Allotment (2018)

16' x 19' (5m x 5m)
Garden allotment with varied crops.